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  • Soft Bounce vs. Hard Bounce in Email Marketing
    incorrect or invalid email address or because of a server issue that does not allow the email address to accept certain emails There isn t much you can do about these permanent bounces except remove the email address from your list If you don t then you re going to get a message every time you send out an email to your list and likely a message for every single hard bounce Soft Bounce Rates A soft bounce rate is when your email isn t delivered but the problem is temporary The soft bounce is usually from an inbox that is full a temporary server problem or the message being too big for the recipient s inbox Most of the time soft bounces will be delivered on their own because the mail server continues to try to send the email But if you notice certain email addresses continue to soft bounce then it might be a good idea to just remove them from your list What Kind of Bounce Rate Should You Have Ideally you want to have a bounce rate of two percent or lower This means that if you have a thousand people on your email marketing list only twenty at the very most should bounce back to you If you have a bounce rate that is any higher than that then your bounce rate can get you into trouble as the mail service might flag you as spam Which is the last place you want to be in the deep dark dungeon of email known as the spam folder To ensure your emails don t get marked as spam you need to be monitoring your bounce rate and taking measures to lower it when it starts to rise Ready to learn more Check out this article on

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