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  • Vanessa Hughes | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    Weight 14 stone 10 5lbs Finish Weight 13 stone 12lbs Dress Size Before 16 18 bottom and 18 20 top Dress Size Now 16 bottom and 16 18 top When my 12 year old son said I don t remember you ever being thin mummy while looking at old family pictures it made me realise I had to do something about my weight once and for all I didn t want to be a fat mum and I certainly didn t want my children to develop my unhealthy relationship with food so I decided I had to make a change and be a positive role model After my separation I began eating more and more to combat the fatigue I was feeling from being a mum of two as well as working full time I thought increasing my food intake would help boost my energy levels But I was eating big portions of the wrong food such as potatoes and bread which made me feel worse making me eat more it was a vicious circle My son wasn t the first person to make comments about my weight however in the past I d always been able to brush them off or make a joke about it But with his latest remark he wasn t saying it to be hurtful or funny to him it was just a fact and I didn t want him thinking of me as a fat mummy This spurred me on and gave me the motivation I needed My children have always been my world and it suddenly dawned on me how much my unhealthy eating habits affected them I wanted to be around for when they had their own children Losing weight now meant so much more to me than just looking good On

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  • Dean Caldwell | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    higher and he has even converted some of his friends to the Atkins lifestyle too What is it Nutritional expert Linda O Byrne explains The New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a healthy balanced way of eating It s replacing bad refined starchy carbohydrates which are packed with sugar with good carbs such as lots of low sugar fruits and non starchy vegetables By reducing carb intake the body breaks down fat stores as an alternative source of energy Dean s overall impression I started Atkins to help me lose weight in a healthy way because I knew from looking in the mirror that enough was enough I found myself newly single and I needed to get myself back on track physically and mentally That for me was the trigger I needed to shift the weight that had piled on over the years I found the first week on Atkins a little difficult due to cutting back on sugar My vices beforehand were all very carb and sugar heavy I loved crisps biscuits and chocolate so it was a bit of a shock to the system to introduce more fresh vegetables and protein to my previously fairly poor diet Thankfully the sweet cravings didn t last long and I found myself really enjoying the meal plans and the Atkins product range Now if I do crave a snack I can reach for a bar and still get a sweet hit in particular I really like the Advantage Cookies and Cream bar Generally I found adapting quite easy simply because I really wanted to lose the weight so I was already determined but the diet actually really fitted into my lifestyle I eat things like fresh salmon homemade burgers with lots of fibrous vegetables so to me it doesn t even feel like a diet I m never starving and I always feel satisfied after my meals which is important to me I guess Atkins is just part of my lifestyle now I have found a renewed love for the gym and weight training along with my healthier eating so maintaining my weight loss is really simple and enjoyable I find eating more protein and cutting back on carbs really pairs well with my active routine as well The weight loss has been a massive boost to my confidence Now I go out more take pride in my appearance and actually look forward to getting ready instead of moping about and not being able to find clothes that fit me My advice is don t be scared of the diet change as it is not a drastic or difficult method If anything I have been more satisfied since following the approach as all of the food is so good for you You do need an element of will power of course but Atkins is so easy to follow that it makes the whole process much more manageable I have a few friends who I ve guided through Atkins too as they have

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  • Neil McLean | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    tennis with his son as well as giving up smoking at the same time In addition to this Neil got into the habit of eating junk foods such as cake crisps and biscuits and the weight began to pile on as well as affect his mood His weight prevented him from having the knee surgery he needed as he was too heavy So Neil tried lots of different diets but all without success until one of his work friends pointed him in the direction of Atkins At first Neil was sceptical as he d tried so many different diets but within days he was enjoying the diet What did you enjoy about the diet I wasn t hopeful about Atkins at first as I d tried other diets without success I found that within a few days I wasn t as hungry and was enjoying lots of food more than I d eaten before on a diet I particularly enjoyed chicken steak chops mushrooms and tomatoes I enjoyed coffee with cream and one of my favourites was scrambled eggs with mushrooms bacon and tomatoes Chocolate cravings went away and my mood improved dramatically I even took the kids to the park which I d not done for over 3 yrs Did you enjoy Atkins products Yes and my favourite was the Atkins shakes which helped with sweet cravings and kept me feeling full too What were your high points whilst following Atkins After losing weight I was allowed knee surgery in July Then in August I found I could fit into my summer shorts which hadn t fit for 4 yrs I d previously refused to buy clothes in bigger sizes and had only bought 3 t shirts and 2 pairs of tracksuit bottoms so that s all I wore

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  • Shirley Hardy | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    the lighter weight of 9 stone 11lb and a size 12 On holiday in Malaysia Thailand Shirley tried the local dishes but soon got back on track quite easily when she returned from the holiday Did you have any challenges along the way whilst following Atkins Not many but learning to like black coffee was the first I drink lots of coffee throughout the day and had always had it with semi skimmed milk so for the first few weeks taking it without was hard I knew I had the 45ml of cream a day allowed but this would not have been enough to see me through the day so I decided to save it and have it with my coffee in the evening as a treat I did get used to it though and nowadays do not even think about it The other challenge and one which I anticipated was holidays We travel a lot and depending on what type of holiday we are having and where we are going can make it easy or more difficult to stay Atkins friendly For example we have just returned from the Far East and this destination was the most difficult I have faced and presented the most temptation but the next one is to the US and I will be doing the cooking so will be relatively easy I am however very resolute in that the moment we get home I am straight back to low carb and if I have gained weight it comes off quickly What are your favourite Atkins friendly meals I enjoy all my Atkins friendly meals but one of my favourites is crispy skinned salmon with courgette and leek sautéed in butter I sometimes also add full fat cream cheese to the veg just before serving Another is Greek yoghurt with raspberries I have found that I am now cooking with eating and enjoying food especially vegetables that I would not have tried before such as celeriac aubergine milled flax and pumpkin and that I have a varied and tasty diet I found that the Atkins website and especially the forum gave me lots of ideas and recipes and these were very helpful Did you have the support of your family friends Have you managed to motivate anyone else Family and friends were very supportive but support also came from an unexpected quarter in the form of a GP at the practice I use I do not visit them often and had been losing weight with Atkins for over 7 months when I had to have my annual blood tests The results showed that my cholesterol had come down from the previous year and that I could reduce the medication I take for hypothyroidism At this point I thought I would confess that I had lost weight and had done it by eating a high fat moderate protein and low carb diet and rather than being told this was unhealthy as I had expected the GP

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  • Soozie Johnson | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    on top Current weight 10 stone 10lb Current size size 12 on bottom half size 8 10 on top half What are your major achievements on Atkins My major achievement has to be the changes in my body and being able to wear nice clothes and feel confident Plus I sleep better than ever and feel like I can exercise without feeling tired I ve had great health benefits too as I suffered from IBS prior to starting Atkins and can t believe that I now suffer with minimal pain and discomfort I m actually excited to go shopping and planning meals and trying new things Have you faced any challenges Not really as my little girl has been great in keeping me on track with my monthly weight goals I made charts and she stuck on the stickers and encouraged me to continue to lose weight What were your favourite Atkins products The shakes are great for on the go and the bars provide a perfect chocolate substitute Cookies Cream is my favourite with a cup of green tea I also enjoy the fibre crackers topped with prawn mayo avocado What are your favourite Atkins friendly meals I m excited to try the Atkins pasta with tuna mayo but so far I ve enjoyed meatballs with cheese and pork chops I do enjoy prepping the meals and there s no excuse not to stick to Atkins as I do and I m a mum and wife with 2 jobs If you plan ahead then it s easy to stick to Did you have the support of others I ve had a little support from people but just kept my head down and kept going on my own really I get a lot of comments and compliments now which is

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  • So What's New? | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    clearly set out so you know exactly what you can eat and you will gradually add healthy carbs back into your diet in order to achieve and maintain your target body weight With New Atkins you don t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love in order to lose weight Our unique four phase approach is a balanced achievable way to watch your waistline and avoid sugary snacks and processed foods associated with weight gain We go into more detail about how the diet works elsewhere or you can check out the Induction Ongoing Weight Loss Pre maintenance and Maintenance phases to get an idea of what you can expect The science behind New Atkins Many diets require you to cut out calories but this can leave you feeling constantly hungry and make you more likely to give in to your cravings The scientific basis for the New Atkins nutritional approach is key to understanding how it works That s why our plan is formulated in consultation with our Science Advisory Team a group of experts whose ongoing input allows us to keep evaluating and improving the plan Our four phase approach is based on proven scientific principles which show that a low carb diet is a safe and effective way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle The updated system also means the list of foods you can eat is also longer and more balanced than ever before allowing you greater variety in your diet This makes the diet easier to follow as you are much less likely to become bored with your food choices Get all the support you need New Atkins is designed to help you adopt a new lifestyle approach and we want to help you enjoy this journey We ve ensured you

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  • How Does it Work? | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    Don t Store It The ease with which you can put on weight is a common concern for many people but if you look at how the body uses food as energy it s not hard to see why this happens Imagine your body as a carbohydrate burning machine that s programmed to store excess calories as fat After a long day at work it can be all too easy to reach for ready meals and snacks for a quick energy boost Unfortunately these are packed full of what we would call empty carbs often in the form of sugar or processed flour which will only satisfy you for a short period of time This means it won t be long before you re tempted to raid the fridge again Many diets will try to make you cut calories in order to lose weight but all this does is leave you feeling empty and frequently proves too difficult to maintain With New Atkins by reducing your carb intake and interrupting the sugar cycle you can begin to turn your body into a fat burning machine Put simply if the body does not have as many carbs to burn it will burn fat for fuel instead By implementing the New Atkins low carb plan you will soon start to notice the fat disappear on your journey to your target weight Four Phases The New Atkins diet plan contains four stages that allow you to make quick safe progress towards your target weight and take steps to avoid returning to your old habits The induction phase puts you on the path to weight loss success introducing a regime of dieting tips that sees you cut out bad carbs Next comes the ongoing weight loss phase in which good carbs are gradually reintroduced

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  • What is it Like? | Atkins Low Carb Diet
    a diet unlike any other While many diets only work in the short term New Atkins offers a balanced approach to weight loss that is sustainable for life You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods and you can eat until you are satisfied You won t need to starve yourself or miss out on the foods you love and you won t be left craving sugary high carb snacks By following the New Atkins plan you ll feel content enjoy life and watch the weight fall off What you can eat By following the principles of New Atkins you will be able to enjoy an exciting and varied diet as you lose weight Special occasions and family meals can still be enjoyed fully and you won t have to spend your evenings nervously counting calories Below are just a few of the dishes you could enjoy as part of your new diet plan All of these can be eaten as soon as you start following New Atkins during the Induction Phase Prosciutto wrapped chicken Stuffed with tangy feta cheese and covered in crispy Prosciutto ham this delicious treat takes just 35 minutes to bake in the oven and can be served with a side of fibre rich green vegetables Salad Niçoise Combining fresh tuna egg tomato olives anchovies red onion and green beans this classic salad provides a real burst of flavour and is great for either lunch or dinner Pork and mushroom meatballs Easy to make and ideal for a large family meal Once you progress to Phase 2 of the Atkins diet you could combine these with New Atkins penne pasta Don t forget with New Atkins there is no need to crave a treat because you can have one Our online shop

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