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  • Beaubri Basenji - Top 20 Q&A's
    IF EVER makes a profit on their litters A reputable breeder will do all they can to better the breed Health testing is an important part of this commitment Please visit FAQ for more health information on Basenjis When talking to a breeder ask to see the test results Don t just take their word for it that it has been done At Beaubri ALL dogs in my care are tested for hip dysplasia http www offa org hipgeninfo html at 2 years of age and up This is the earliest age the OFA http www offa org will provide a certificate for this test All of my dogs are tested for patellar luxation http www offa org patluxgeninfo html The earliest this test can be done is at 1 year of age for certification All puppies are examined by a veterinarian and will receive a Health Certificate prior to being sent to their new homes I research many dog s pedigrees to find the perfect match for my girls In breeding quality healthy puppies it takes more than just two to tango 7 Q Is it true that Basenji s don t bark A To a point yes In fact they do not bark consistently like an average dog Their vocal cords are more likened to humans Therefore if you bark a few times your throat hurts The same thing hold true for a Basenji The do bark on occasion though One or two woofs That s it But they are not a mute or silent dog either They can scream talk whine and of course yodel 8 Q I ve read that Basenjis dig and climb Can they A Yes they have been know to do both BUT I try to discourage this None of the Basenji s that live with me do either It is something you must be aware of however 9 Q Basenji s don t shed Is this true A No Basenjis like any other animal including humans shed BUT Basenjis do not shed like the average dog Mainly they shed once a year and usually will release the most hair from the back of their neck Regular brushing will limit this With shedding the highs and lows in the weather as well as indoor lighting play a factor 10 Q Are Basenjis good with children A Yes If you get a puppy and they are brought up properly with children they are great I personally would not take an older dog who has never met children and place him in an atmosphere that he has never been exposed to or become accustomed to 11 Q Are basenjis good with cats and other dogs A Yes if introduced to and been well socialized with as a puppy 12 Q I ve read Basenjis are an active dog Can they live in a condo or apartment A Basenjis are well suited to an apartment Just make sure they get regular walks They love exercise but

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