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  • Brian McFadden – Cartoonist. Illustrator. Jokesmith.
    is the Republican Party s last chance to pull their nomination away from Trump even though his policies and people skills are just as terrible if not worse After the bombings in Brussels Cruz advocated for policing and monitoring of Muslim communities in the US If that s better than Trump s Right Wing Stuntman I previously picked on Mitch McConnell for stonewalling President Obama just hours after Scalia kicked the bucket McConnell s Republican pals on the Senate Judiciary Committee are pulling the same crap and refusing to even meet with Merrick Garland They really have no endgame this is just obstruction for obstruction s sake Read The Judiciary Committee s Absentee Excuses Trump s malignant shadow is obscuring everything else going on in the world The ugliness of his campaign and its supporters is certainly newsworthy but we ll have a lot of catching up to do if and when the Trump phenomenon fades I wrote and drew this before Neil deGrasse Tyson proved Total Electoral Eclipse Willard Mitt Romney is back in the news and I ll never pass up an opportunity to needle this man As a freelancer I didn t have health insurance until he created RomneyCare He then spent the next decade campaigning on the promise to take it away There s nothing more phony or fraudulent The GOP s Establishment Man with a Plan The FBI and our alphabet of intelligence agencies have been salivating over the prospect of an encryption back door for years The San Bernardino shootings are just the most recent pretext to weaken privacy protections Here s a primer on the FBI vs Apple fight that s easy to read even for people The FBI s Decrypted Device Files Justice Scalia had the gall to croak during Obama s

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