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  • [ Canadian Health Reference Guide ]
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  • Le Réseau RIMQ
    with LISTERINE could raise up to 10 000 for dental hygiene research and education Ontario Nurses Association Algoma Public Health Nurses at the Bargaining Table Looking to negotiate a fair deal Government of Canada Minister of Health Launches National Immunization Awareness Week Canadian Cancer Society A third of Quebecers living with cancer need to travel for their treatment The Jacques Cantin Lodge is celebrating its 25th anniversary Ontario Joint Statement by the Government Six Nations and J J s Family on Integrated and Respectful Health Care Héma Québec Canada s largest human tissue bank is in Québec Experts and donors working together to save lives Association of Ontario Midwives Budget announcement solidifies support for Aboriginal midwifery Visit the General section Medical University of British Columbia Chemo brain is real say UBC researchers McGill University Health Centre Quebec researchers and international collaborators identify new breast cancer gene Scientists pinpoint brain swelling mechanism Discovery paves way for treatments to prevent brain damage or death following head trauma University of Toronto Living in the third person this memory glitch affects healthy high functioning people Can we reset our body s clock Researchers from McGill and Concordia discover a mechanism behind circadian rhythms Pediatric Oncology Together in the fight against childhood cancer Simon Fraser University Lower back pain may have ties to our last common ancestor with chimpanzees Finding the body clock s molecular reset button Researchers from McGill and Concordia discover mechanism involved in adjusting rhythms of circadian clock Boehringer Ingelheim New Study of Canadian Oncologists Shines Light on Lung Cancer Mutation Testing and Treatment Trends Visit the Medical section Pharmaceutical McMaster University Superbugs the biggest public health challenge facing globe Government of Canada The Government Encourages Canadians to Join the Efforts to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse Children s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Children s hospital issues call to action to support vaccinations Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Hepatitis C cure rate of 94 achieved in patients post liver transplant and up to 94 in those with advanced cirrhosis following 12 week oral treatment with combination daclatasvir and sofosbuvir once daily plus ribavirin in ALLY 1 trial Queen s University HPV vaccine should not be delayed Queen s researcher argues British Columbia Pharmacy Association Not just for the kids Adults need immunizations too Genzyme Effect of Genzyme s Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Lemtrada alemtuzumab on Slowing Brain Atrophy and MRI Lesion Activity Maintained Through Four Years Pivotal Therapeutics Inc Pivotal receives Health Canada approval to expand the indication of OMAZEN to include products with claims to maintain and support cardiovascular health and normal triglyceride levels Merck Canada Merck Announces Results from C SURFER Phase 2 3 Study of Investigational Chronic Hepatitis C Therapy Grazoprevir Elbasvir in Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease Visit the Pharmaceutical section Technology Innovation Niagara Health System Niagara s health system a hub of quality innovation Living with Stress Congratulations you re Human The Psychology Foundation of Canada introduces Stress Strategies a free online coaching tool designed to help Canadians manage

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  • Last newsletter - End of activities
    End of activities Last newsletter End of activities May 1 2015 Please take note that the Health News Network Canadian Health Reference Guide will be ending its activities on May 1 st 2015 Access to the site s archives will be available until August 28 th 2015 We have decided to concentrate our efforts on our networks in the municipal and education sectors Thank you for following us and supporting us throughout the years The Health News Network Canadian Health Reference Guide team For more information Organization Canadian Health News Network Address 834 montée Masson Terrebonne Québec Canada J6W 2C6 www chrgonline com Link http www chrgonline com detail news php ID 527275 BACK SEND PRINT Most consulted news Today This Week This Month Contact us Jaguar Media Inc 834 Montée Masson Terrebonne Quebec J6W 2C6 Tel 450 471 7599 Toll free 888 504 0072 Fax 450 471 5443 888 243 4562 support chrgonline com www chrgonline com Press Send us a press release Consult the archives Enewsletter archives Send your column Jobs Post or modify a job View jobs Events View calendar Post or modify an event Subscription Create your user account and receive enewsletter Subscription information Unsubscribe to

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  • University of British Columbia - Researchers closer to being able to change blood types
    can be given to patients of all blood types David Kwan We produced a mutant enzyme that is very efficient at cutting off the sugars in A and B blood and is much more proficient at removing the subtypes of the A antigen that the parent enzyme struggles with said David Kwan the lead author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry To create this high powered enzyme capable of snipping off sugars researchers used a new technology called directed evolution that involves inserting mutations into the gene that codes for the enzyme and selecting mutants that are more effective at cutting the antigens In just five generations the enzyme became 170 times more effective Steve Withers With this enzyme UBC associate professor Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu and colleagues in the Centre for Blood Research were able to remove the wide majority of the antigens in Type A and B blood But before it can be used in clinical settings the enzyme used would need to remove all of the antigens The immune system is highly sensitive to blood groups and even small amounts of residual antigens could trigger an immune response The concept is not new but until now we needed so much of the enzyme to make it work that it was impractical says Steve Withers a professor in the Department of Chemistry Now I m confident that we can take this a whole lot further The study was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Canadian Blood Services BACKGROUND Blood types The defining difference between A B and O blood types is the presence of slightly different sugar structures on the outside of the red blood cells of each type Type

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  • University of Ottawa - New pilot project in Ottawa offers mobile solution for immunization reporting
    Ottawa parents of children under the age of 15 the option of using their iPhones or iPads to digitally report their child s immunization to OPH This pilot is the beginning of the next generation of immunization systems where mobile technologies empower people to hold and share their family s vaccination records states Dr Kumanan Wilson who is Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute an internal medicine specialist at The Ottawa Hospital and a professor at the University of Ottawa It will help public health teams get the information they need to better protect the public from vaccine preventable diseases This new test feature is being launched during National Immunization Awareness Week which runs from April 25 to May 2 2015 For more information please visit appottawa immunize ca For more information please view the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute press release For more information Organization University of Ottawa Address 75 Laurier Avenue East Ottawa Ontario Canada K1N 6N5 www uottawa ca Link http www chrgonline com detail news php ID 528314 BACK SEND PRINT Most consulted news Today This Week This Month Contact us Jaguar Media Inc 834 Montée Masson Terrebonne Quebec J6W 2C6 Tel 450 471 7599

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  • Government of Canada supports research on the treatment of obesity - Research will help Canadians achieve a healthy weight and improve their long-term health and quality of life
    important public health concern It increases the risk of a number of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes hypertension and cardiovascular disease It also affects quality of life and mental well being Data from the Canadian Community Health Survey indicates that about one quarter of Canadian adults are obese using body mass index BMI 30 Bariatric care is the prevention and treatment obesity It includes lifestyle intervention and modification cognitive and behavioural therapies pharmacotherapy and surgery used individually or in combination CIHR and its partners are investing 4 5M over five years in research focused on improving bariatric care for Canadians Obesity can be prevented through regular physical activity and healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle Through the Public Health Agency of Canada the Government of Canada invests 20 million each year in multi sectoral partnerships that promote healthy living and prevent chronic disease and provide opportunities for Canadians to improve their health through increased physical activity and healthy eating programs include The Play Exchange and Build Our Kids Success BOKS The Government of Canada supports healthy living through the introduction of the Children s Fitness Tax Credit in 2006 and the recent doubling of the credit to 1 000 for the 2014 and subsequent tax years Quotes Our Government is committed to supporting research that improves the health of Canadians Given the growing obesity rate in our country we recognize the importance of research in this field Today s investment will help to improve treatment strategies to address this complex health issue We will also continue to support programs that help children to become more healthy and active and prevent the long term effects of obesity Rona Ambrose Minister of Health Obesity is a chronic disease that has significant health economic and social consequences Addressing this

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  • Ontario Medical Association - Health care system in crisis, says OMA President
    Health Care said Dr Tandan The problem is that plan is driven by short sighted responses to fiscal concerns instead of sustainable responses to real health care issues Not only are doctors being given a reason to leave the province but they also have a place to go said Dr Tandan with the United States projected to be short as many as 90 000 physicians over the next decade Instead of Ontario retaining and attracting new doctors it is chasing them away at a time when our population is growing and aging and therefore needs more care Dr Jenny Clement and her husband Greig Reekie have a family medicine clinic they run together in a neighbourhood in west Toronto that is experiencing exponential growth She is part of a Family Health Organization that receives a constant stream of phone calls and people walking in to the office in search of a family doctor We have to be able to expand to meet the needs of our community and because of the government s draconian cuts to health care and primary care in particular we won t be able to add new doctors to our FHO said Dr Clement That means patients who should have been able to be cared for by a family doctor will have to rely on walk in clinics and emergency room visits which end up costing more money and don t provide comprehensive primary care Those doctors Dr Clement would like to add to her team would also contribute to the local economy Dr Tandan reminded everyone of the importance of a vibrant and sustainable health care system to a healthy economy A highly functioning and vibrant health care system where better care is being provided and patients are healthier helps attract jobs and investment he

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  • Montreal Economic Institute - A greater role for pharmacists to reduce health care wait times: The reform does not go far enough
    renewal or adjustment of a prescription the substitution of a drug in case of shortage and the prescription of drugs for certain minor ailments These services are still not offered due to the stalled negotiations between the different parties regarding their remuneration According to economist Yanick Labrie the author of the study regardless of the outcome of the ongoing negotiations the reform is insufficient and could fail to achieve its main goal of improving patients access to front line care It s clear that the government s decision not to remunerate some of the newly authorized professional services and to forbid pharmacists from charging a fee for these services runs the risk of discouraging pharmacists from providing them Other provinces and countries have gone much further and have been much more ambitious in turning to pharmacists for help within their health care systems with positive results The study reports that in the vast majority of other Canadian provinces pharmacists are not only authorized to prescribe drugs for the treatment of minor conditions and to renew prescriptions but can also offer medication review and management services and set up vaccination clinics which are covered by the public plan In Ontario Alberta and Saskatchewan for example where such services have already existed for a number of years studies have found a very high level of satisfaction among the clientele both in terms of improved health conditions and in terms of the quality of services received from pharmacists Among health professionals pharmacists are the most accessible to the population The scientific literature leaves little doubt about the benefits of expanding their role within the health care system Entrusting pharmacists with additional responsibilities is likely to greatly improve patient access to care and lead to savings as well which the public system desperately needs

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