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    how they are interrelated in other musical processes notably pencil and paper composition So there is something truly refreshing in Robert Smithson s comparison of building to architecture in his brilliant text A Sedimentation of the Mind Building takes on a singular wildness as loaders scoop and drag soil all over the place Excavations form shapeless mounds of debris miniature landslides of dust mud sand and gravel These processes of heavy construction have a devastating kind of primordial grandeur and are in many ways more astonishing than the finished project be it a road or a building The actual disruption of the earth s crust is at times very compelling and seems to confirm Heraclitus s Fragment 124 The most beautiful world is like a heap of rubble tossed down in confusion Perhaps I should remind the reader here to pay especial attention to Heraclitus s use of the word like in the final sentence lest someone think I am suggesting that improvised music is quite simply a heap of sonic rubble Instead I would invite the reader to visualize the activity the sense of rhythm and energy the cycles that manifest at different physical and temporal scales on a building site Another observation by Smithson also seems appropriate here his response to McLuhan and others tendency to define tools in terms of their relation to the species best known for using them the now long established idea of the human body merging with tools to create a cyborg rather than in terms of their actual constitution The manifestations of technology are at times less extensions of man Marshall McLuhan s anthropomorphism than they are aggregates of elements Even the most advanced tools and machines are made of the raw matter of the earth Today s highly refined technological tools

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