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  • Program Ribbon Page - MSI Package Builder
    selected location Layout Ribbon Group The Layout Ribbon group should be used for a quick switch between saved windows layouts or reset one of them to defaults Clicking the glyph of this group opens the Layout preference page where it is possible to manage stored layouts or create a new one Layout Chooser The Layout Chooser is represented by a drop down list filled with available window layouts You can choose one of the existing layouts to apply it or input a name for a new layout to be saved Reset Layout The Reset Layout action saves the currently chosen layout resetting it to the default one Show Ribbon Group The Show Ribbon group should be used for managing the MSI Package Builder dock views and hiding panels Projects Shows or hides the Projects view The Projects view is designed to display a set of currently opened MSI Package Builder projects Application Log Shows or hides the Application Log view The Application Log view shows information on the events taking place during the application execution Most of them are operations results Operation Management Shows or hides the Operation Management view The Operation Management view shows detailed progress of each operation currently performed and allows canceling some or all running operations Skins Ribbon Group The Skins Ribbon group provides you with an option of quick changing of the application skins Skin Chooser The Skin Chooser is a drop down button that should be used to select the skin from the available skins to be applied to the application The currently active skin is the checked one Feedback Ribbon Group You can use the Feedback Ribbon group to send EMCO Software a request for a new feature you are missing in MSI Package Builder or to report on problems you faced while

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