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  • He was confirming to himself that they were laughing with him after all -
    thought and there were so many that I d hate to see go It was so beautiful to see a child so oblivious so self assured and so happy yet so very very obviously heading for disaster I wondered if I d looked like that back when I was behaving just the same sitting alone working my math cursing a teacher too stupid to realize that I always had the answer I knew that the new impossible question once again the kind of question only he could hope to answer was what would happen How he d grow once he began to see the jeers and sense the jealousy and to feel an envy in his own heart for the kinds of friends that books could never be I hoped he d make it through I hoped he d still be sunny in the end still answering impossible questions and amazing them all I hoped that they d be watching that they d be there to be amazed listening to the little boy with all the answers and so much still to learn from all of them I hoped they d realize that instead of crushing him I hoped he be strong enough to withstand a little bit of being crushed because I knew they wouldn t I hoped he d keep raising his hand He did I like it 2 C s Beautiful but wrong The kinds of friends that books could never be Middle school and High school social oppression Sad little spiral bound notebook diaries Chilling cruelty of children After all who looks at the sky anymore If only the spaghetti westerns were half as good as their titles Shaymus is older than I thought he was Jack of Diamonds Do muskrats eat ducks their eyes meet

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