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  • They Asked, He Answered!
    over sin Romans 5 20 1 John 4 4 The Scriptures tell us In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us Romans 8 37 We are also told Whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith 1 John 5 4 and that Jesus Christ is the author and the finisher of that faith Hebrew 12 2 Those who have that faith the faith of the Son of God are crucified to the world and the world to them Matthew 16 24 Galatians 2 20 6 14 Yet there are some that simply do not hear 1 John 4 5 6 D L Moody the Chicago preacher said It remains to be seen what God will do with a man who gives himself up wholly to Him In Matthew 4 9 the devil offered Christ the world when he said All these things will I give thee if thou wilt fall down and worship me Yet Christ created all things Colossians 1 16 17 Scripture tells Christians to ask of God and He will give the heathen to them for their inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for their possession Psalm 2 That is the heart of God and His objective is to seek and save that which is lost Luke 19 10 Ezekiel 33 11 Feeling within myself the life and the leading of the Spirit of God Romans 8 14 and that my objective is aligned with The Lord s Psalm 37 4 if the devil has the world to offer those who bow to him what might the Lord offer to His children for His glory when asked Daniel 3 He said that we are to open our mouths wide so He can fill them Psalm 81 10 He asks Who has believed the report of the Lord And upon whom is the arm of The Lord revealed Isaiah 53 1 The Lord tells us that those whose hearts are perfect towards Him shall do great exploits 2 Chronicles 16 9 Titus 3 5 We are to call unto Him and He has promised to show unto us great and mighty things Jeremiah 33 3 Jesus told His Church that they would do greater things than He did John 14 12 Scripture goes even further to tell us that if all the things that were done by Christ were written that all the books in the world could not contain them John 21 25 Therefore what God did for others in their day He promises to do and more in ours Malachi 3 16 Hebrews 13 He is faithful to a thousand generations which includes ours Christians Psalms 105 I love to talk of the cloud of witnesses Hebrews 12 Remember the God of these men The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob The God of Moses Joshua David The God of Gideon The God of Samson and

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  • Critical Issues Forum Feb 2016
    services applicants from outside the USA who had served one or more military terms in the USA as grounds for citizenship at any time after citizenship had been granted Example Guatemalan male two USA tours loses citizenship due to drug distribution felony or violent robbery Lastly humanitarian admission from the Mid East and North Africa should allow Christian and non Muslim immigration with a lower bar of qualifications than Muslim applicants This is discriminatory as a percent of Muslims cause most new of first generation born in the USA terrorism Mosques with Imam s monitored teaching demonstrating radical Islam and Sharia promotion should be shut down and de radicalized This will allow gradual integration into great USA society without promotion of Sharia general politics and personal controls and centers for violent jihad against USA citizens and governments Only those with the highest documentation e g engineers PhDs doctor dentists etc with Western type training and exemplary documents should receive rapid citizenship pathways over 10 years All other Muslims with poor or no documentation and valid non stolen passports should not be admitted but granted help to immigrate to Saudi Arabia Arab Emirates Qatar Turkey Jordan and other stable non violent allied Muslim countries not on the terror watch list Aid via NATO and International Aid Agencies includes prefab homes schools public buildings infrastructure development transportation and industry all aid in preventing radicalization to extreme Islamic behavior and promote family life for males integrated in communities with group activities that prevent terror to Western nations and other religious and political groups jstokley Newbie Posts 4 Karma 4 3 Re Critical Issues Forum Feb 2016 Reply 1 on February 01 2016 02 47 25 PM Is this Bill Deagle character delusional or what Whose medical license was revoked years ago by the

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    On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico But what if the British had prevailed What if America had become a territory under the British Commonwealth similar to Canada at the time How would the world be different today Let s start with the Civil War Britain outlawed slavery throughout the British Empire in 1833 Without slavery one can well argue that there would have been no Civil War Remember that every other slave nation abolished it without any battles Britain certainly would not have allowed slavery to continue throughout the Americas And without the Civil War New Orleans could well have been the trade and financial center of the nation for the next century No reconstruction no carpetbaggers and no share cropping that kept poor farmers black and white in continual servitude So a good argument might be made that British abolition of slavery and America as a member of the Commonwealth just could have been the best outcome for Louisiana America would become a reluctant warrior in World War I that began in 1914 When U S interests became at risk with American supply ships to Britain under attack President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany in April of 1917 Germany misjudged U S economic involvement in Britain and assumed it would stay out of the war But what if the British had prevailed at the Battle of New Orleans and the U S was a part of the British Commonwealth when Germany considered attacking England They would have considered that a giant ally full of natural resources a major world trader and a flourishing nation would have come to Britain s defense right from the first sign of German aggression Would Germany still have attacked England with such a major partner at its side Simply put

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  • Let The Hammer Fall!
    American people are ok with being slapped in the face in their lawless process These people are engaged in lying murder gun running illegal executive orders and even aiding and abetting the enemies of America which amounts to nothing less than treason Article 3 section 3 clause 1 of The United States Constitution You need to come to the realization that this government is threatening every aspect of your life happiness security and economic wealth Now it is true that Jesus said to turn the other cheek Matthew 5 39 but you only have two of them the third time they are all on their own And America they are well beyond three Again There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy hypocrisy fraud and tyranny Sadly America is showing mercy to the guilty by leaving off justice Jeremiah 9 24 This is a slap in the face to those who sacrificed themselves in the magnification of the law against the crimes of tyrants Isaiah 42 21 John 3 16 1 John 3 4 2 Corinthians 3 17 which in the end established America s freedom and independence Therefore mercy to a community is to bring judgment upon the heads of the wicked Law breakers To do otherwise is to forsake your own mercy by observing lying vanities by acting as if they are not guilty Jonah 2 4 How did our founding fathers establish justice concerning those who would compromise the American cause There is a true story told of Major Andre He had been caught as a spy in our country and there was indisputable proof that he was guilty What he had done was intended to the ruin of the American cause and if such an act went unpunished it would expose the army to surprise and destruction He should by the law of nations be put to death On the other hand there was his youth his high attainments his honorable connections his brilliant hopes all pleading that he might live and that he might be pardoned In the heart of George Washington the prompting of justice and mercy came into collision Both could not be satisfied and there seemed to be but one course of pursuit His sense of justice was shown in the act by which he signed the death warrant His feelings of compassion when he committed to justice were demonstrated as his eyes poured forth a flood of tears You see Washington so loved his country that he knew if such an act went unpunished it would only encourage the next person to do it as well thus endangering the country Justice had to be satisfied James 2 13 How every generous feeling of our nature would have been gratified if mercy could have triumphed and the youthful and accomplished officer could have been spared America we are not to be overcome with evil but we are to overcome evil with good Romans 12 21 This is the fruit

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  • Profiteers of Governing - And these are The Ones Who got Caught!
    a net worth of 72 09 million John Kerry former US senator and current Secretary of State which was earned primarily throughout his quarter century long service and through his wife Theresa Heinz Kerry heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune and also a beneficiary to a number of trusts from the Forbes family fortune Kerry is worth 198 65 million Mark Warner of Virginia holds a very large amount of wealth estimated at 85 81 million Warner made a lot of money during the telecom boom of the 1980s Darrell Issa of California is worth 140 55 million Issa was the richest official in the U S but has been recently been dethroned by a southern Governor Tennessee s Bill Haslam thanks to cheap gasoline Bill s net worth is 2 billion dollars Diane Feinstein also from California has a net worth 41 78 million Are not these the politicians who in many cases are guilty of attacking perverting distorting and violating constitutional law in an attempt to set a new course for the American people Proverbs 24 21 How it the president worth 7 Million dollars when his pay is 400 000 a year He has only been in office for 7 years Majority Minority leaders make an average of 194 400 year Not only was a ship owned by a member of Mitch McConnell s family busted transporting cocaine but McConnell was also accused by Alison Lundergan of quadrupling his net worth on the backs of Kentuckians that can t afford it McConnell is the 10th richest senator with a net worth of between 9 2 million and 36 5 million How is that Harry Reid s net worth is between 3 and 10 million How is that Nancy Pelosi s net worth is 26 43 million How is that How is it that in many cases they enter service with little to nothing and before you know it they are self made millionaires Is it inside trading Selling out to special interest groups Fraud Embezzlement In 2010 more than 150 lawmakers reported earning more from outside investments than from congressional salary It is my understanding that they have been entrusted by the people and for the people Matthew 24 12 It seems that many of these politicians fail to understand that government is not an auction as they sell their souls the country along with the American people to the highest bidders Mark 8 36 Compare all of the above information to the average yearly salary of an American soldier which is between 23 424 88 924 per year or to the average social security recipient 1 335 per month Yet the American people have allowed these Judas to dictate that which is right and that which is wrong when it comes to legislation in contrast to what has been established through common law Deuteronomy 16 19 And what should be of interest to the American people is the course of our founding forefathers who mutually pledged

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  • Gun Salesman of the Decade: Barack Hussein Obama
    Do as I say and don t pay attention to what I do Now this administration is going so far as you let them go to tell the country that the US needs a sense of urgency when it comes to new measures against gun ownership President William Henry Harrison said that the plea of necessity is that eternal argument of all conspirators And if that was not good enough he even sics his dogs on law abiding citizens when sent out Attorney General Loretta Lynch to threaten and to declare to the people We re watching you America I say Let them watch It is time for the modern day tyrants to understand the Christian spirit of our forefathers ENOUGH Let me remind you that on May 18 2015 it was confirmed that the Obama administration ran guns from Benghazi to Syria before the US consulate attack This all came on the heels of his administration being uncovered for arming Mexican drug lords who killed hundreds of Mexicans through Fast and Furious Barrack Hussein Obama also went on to say that he could bypass Congress which is your voice through your representatives He said that the majority of the American people support his gun control efforts which is an absolute lie In December CNN took a poll in which we were told that 48 of Americans were for stricter gun control Did they take that poll in the White House Who do they think that they are kidding The voice of the American people is heard loud and clear through gun sales First former CNN news anchor Amber Lyon an award winning journalist told us that she was ordered to report fake stories delete unfriendly stories adverse to the Obama administration and construct stories in specific manners while working for the left wing network CNN is paid by foreign and the US government for reporting on some events and not reporting on others said Lyon The Obama Administration pays for CNN content Secondly on December 02 2015 it was reported that Black Friday gun sales broke all previous records this information coming directly from the FBI Fortune magazine reminds us that on December 21 2012 shortly after the alleged Sandy Hook incident when the government started upping its rhetoric on restricting gun rights that Americans headed out to the stores and armed up in droves In other words Barack Hussein Obama is the gun salesman of the last decade So what Americans are being told by this lying administration fails the test of truth In fact the opposite is true Isaiah 5 20 Over the last 7 years of this as well as the preceding administration Americans have been under attack because of the crimes of the administrations To parallel these crimes against the people consider that our forefathers threw off the tyranny of King George for such activity with the cry of Thomas Jefferson Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God Romans 12 21 One has to come

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  • This Week on Tech Night Owl, January 11th, 2016
    technology author and columnist Get to know Gene and discover his unique thought provoking viewpoints about the technology universe from the always fascinating happenings at Apple Inc to consumer electronics innovative products and overall trends in the tech industry Each week Gene speaks directly to the industry s movers and shakers including corporate leaders industry analysts and regular panels that feature the most respected journalists who cover personal technology On this week s all star episode we observe the 15th anniversary of Apple s iTunes with commentator Kirk McElhearn also known as Macworld s iTunes Guy He focus first on the history of Apple s original jukebox app and how it s changed and expanded over the years Kirk and Gene also talk about the need for Apple to overhaul the way movie and TV content is handled As it is movie rentals may suddenly disappear while the option to buy a movie remains Does Apple solve this by launching a TV subscription service and will the entertainment companies accept a simpler buying renting scheme You ll also hear from columnist Nancy Gravley of The Mac Observer The discussion will focus on her ongoing efforts to help senior citizens become

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    gun snatching is to implement more laws while indoctrinating the woman into beLIEving she is a potential victim of gun violence Giffords who preaches she supports the Second Amendment continues to display actions which clearly are against Americans owning firearms and recently claimed at a lunch of Initiative 594 supporters Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women She also went on to say Abusers with guns criminals with guns make this a women s issue This is a dangerous avenue to expose more women to beLIEving the propaganda of domestic violence In America the government agencies have created ways to lure women into more welfare benefits if they have a claim against their child s father for abuse both verbally or physically Women already are indoctrinated to turn to Child Support Enforcement to get their child support which they only will receive approximately 50 a month vs asking the man to purchase clothing and help with other important child rearing necessities Most men are more likely to do this to help the woman stay off welfare so they do not have to be chased around to pay child support Eventually if the man cannot pay the Child Support Enforcement amount their drivers license will be stolen their checks will be garnished and eventually put in prison for a non violent crime Let s not forget if you owe past child support you cannot get a gun Same with other debts owed to the state Women need to wake up and steer clear of the welfare system which could work against them and their families Separation is their goal so they can continue their services If they unite they may go out of business Clearly the move to disarm the nation goes deeper than getting everyone who saw a shrink at one time on the no gun list now Giffords wants every woman to constantly worry their loving gun owning husband or significant other will become abusive and go Bolshevik and kill them in a domestic spat In reality the large majority of gun owning men are purchasing the firearms to protect the family However the statistics do not match the plot to label gun owners as dangerous considering the Department of Justice admits in their statistical data involving domestic violence When weapons were involved firearms made up a smaller percentage than knives and other weapons of domestic violence overall and of intimate partner violence and As with domestic violence most violence committed by acquaintances 77 and strangers 63 did not involve a weapon When weapons were involved a larger percentage of violence committed by acquaintances involved other weapons 7 compared to firearms 4 or knives 5 http www bjs gov content pub pdf ndv0312 pdf Statistics Non fatal U S Dept of Justice Office of Justice Programs What is even more stunning is the data below showing higher percentages of no weapon used in victim offender relationship crimes and knives are used more than firearms Clearly the plan

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