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  • Print Page - Open Enrollment For Medicare Is Just Around The Corner
    between Medicare Advantage plans or Part D insurance carriers unless you have a qualifying event In order to be eligible for enrollment to any of the plans you must have your Part B Medicare enrollment completed Many of the Medicare Advantage plans are low cost or zero premium plans but they do operate under the network provider system and may not be suitable for all Medicare recipients For example if you live in the Midwest but spend your winters in Arizona or Florida you may not have network access to providers when you are out of your provider network In this case a MediGap or Medicare Supplement plan like Blue Cross and Blue Shield Stonebridge or Mutual of Omaha may be a better choice providing you access to doctors hospitals and clinics anywhere in the country that accept Medicare Choosing a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan should be done with the help of a licensed certified broker or agent so you know before you make your choice what your options are what the restrictions are and what monetary obligations you will have for out of pocket expenses It is important to note that using a broker when choosing a

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  • Are We Wolves or Are We Sheep?
    societal decline Unfortunately there are numerous other examples We ve become a nation dangerously divided and as such are falling into two categories wolves and sheep The moneyed elite wolves want us in fear and dependent on the government for our well being Those in fear turn over their power and cease thinking for themselves sheep hoping for some form of security not realizing they become expendable resources As Edward R Murrow said A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves As John W Whitehead writes in his blog They Live We Sleep A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy http agovernmentofwolves com You see them on the street You watch them on TV You might even vote for one this fall You think they re people just like you You re wrong Dead wrong Whitehead goes on to note that we re living in two worlds There s the world we see or are made to see and then there s the one we sense and occasionally catch a glimpse of the latter of which is a far cry from the propaganda driven reality manufactured by the government and its corporate sponsors including the media What most Americans perceive as life in America privileged progressive and free is a far cry from reality where economic inequality is growing real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation and freedom such that it is is meted out in small legalistic doses by militarized police armed to the teeth Vast segments of the political system government and economy are now managed by private business interests Citizens United has given corporations many multinational the same rights as individuals allowing these huge moneyed interests to decide who we will vote for corrupting our system Public

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  • Has America Gone Crazy?
    the table But at least you can count on your pension when you retire right According to Nerdwallet com America is facing a pension time bomb and the crisis is of major proportions As more baby boomers retire more states are struggling to fund public pensions Of the 50 states only Wisconsin s pension system has a surplus Other states such as Illinois have pension debt that is over 50 unfunded meaning that unless changes are made the state will be able to pay less than half of promised retirement payments to current works A state in danger of defaulting on legal obligations to retirees could choose to fill the gap by cutting other public services or by raising taxes Bad news but not as bad as in the states of Kansas and New Jersey where Governors Sam Brownback KS and Chris Christie NJ having run up their state s debts by cutting taxes for the rich now plan to cover the loss with money snatched from the pension funds of workers in the public sector Exacerbated by the great recession when the government chose to bailout out the perpetrators rather than protect the victims this country has been in an economic and cultural downward spiral Adding to the madness is corporate welfare A recent article in Aljazeera America by David Cay Johnston stated that the bottom fifth of households in all but one state pay a larger share of their income in state and local taxes than the top 1 percent of earners This means that corporate welfare effectively redistributes from the poor to those rich enough to own corporate stock And what s up with the Supreme Court deciding that corporations are persons allowing these often times multinational conglomerates to secretly spend ungodly amounts of their shareholders monies

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  • Hubble Telescope Finds "Best Evidence" for Ganymeade Sub-Surface Ocean
    to track that field s behavior by watching how it draws in and excites space particles generating a glow of ultraviolet light around the satellite s north and south poles But this intrinsic magnetic field also interweaves with Jupiter s and the auroras rock back and forth as a result of that interplay By modeling the expected rocking against what is observed by Hubble scientists can infer something about the internal structure of Ganymeade An internal salty ocean is the best explanation for what scientists see because Jupiter s field induces a secondary field in the salt water which tries to counterbalance Jupiter s influence The end result is that the auroras rock only by two degrees over time as opposed to rocking by six degrees which would occur without the presence of an ocean The ocean cannot be deeper than 330km anything deeper would not explain the data said lead scientist Joachim Saur of the University of Cologne in Germany The data are consistent with an ocean of a 100km thickness with a certain salt content of about 5g per one liter of water But it could equally well be an ocean of only 10km but with 10 times more salt The idea that a sub surface ocean exists on Ganymede is exciting because wherever you have liquid water you have one of the main ingredients for life Much more is needed of course including a source of energy and some complex carbon chemistry But understanding the ocean will be one of the primary objectives of the European Space Agency s billion pound Juice robot when it arrives at Ganymede in 2030 The orbiter will have a very sensitive magnetometer instrument to study Ganymede s magnetic field in more detail as well as a radar instrument to look beneath

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  • The Blame Game in America - Discussion on Amerika Now
    there seems to be a growing need to blame someone or something else for things that go wrong Finger pointing and the blame game are commonplace from our leadership down to the individual level someone somewhere is passing the buck How many times have you heard the excuse Not me or not my problem Unfortunately this not me ism is creating a huge problem for all of us and it will take a change in mindset to resolve When you point your finger at someone anyone it is often a moment of judgment We point our fingers when we want to scold someone point out what they have done wrong But each time we point we simultaneously point three fingers back at ourselves Christopher Pike Think about those words carefully These days many people in our society believe they are not responsible for the choices they make including the consequences of those choices made Examples abound everywhere on the personal level with decisions we make daily on the corporate level with ethical lapses that end up spread across headlines at the government level where finger pointing has replaced deliberative discussion and dialogue creating gridlock Along with this growing not me attitude is the us vs them They are always at fault that convenient group that s always available anytime anywhere to take the blame so that the fault is never with me or us As individuals and as a nation we need to make responsibility and accountability a priority to turn around this epidemic of not me ism Enough is enough True leaders stand up and say The buck stops here They realize the negative impacts of passing blame and willingly accept and live the principle of personal responsibility While others finger point and blame one another because no one

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  • NASA's Orion Launches This Week
    unmanned test will help engineers learn more about how Orion s key systems operate in the harsh space environment Starting Tuesday Dec 2 NASA will air various media and public events in the run up to Orion s launch You can watch the NASA TV Orion events live on Space com During its 4 5 hour trip Orion will orbit Earth twice and travel to an altitude of 3 600 miles into space NASA officials said in a statement The flight is designed to test many of the elements that pose the greatest risk to astronauts and will provide critical data needed to improve Orion s design and reduce risks to future mission crews Orion is expected to launch to space atop a United Alliance Delta 4 Heavy rocket from Florida at 7 05 a m EST 1205 GMT for the test flight also called Exploration Flight Test 1 On Tuesday NASA officials hosted a press conference about what this Orion flight and future tests could mean for Mars exploration NASA officials will also host another news conference on Wednesday Dec 3 to discuss the test flight Officials will also brief the media after the test ends later in the day on Thursday For this test flight Orion will make two orbits of Earth with the second lap taking the capsule 15 times farther from the planet than the International Space Station Officials have attached more than 1 000 sensors to the spacecraft to monitor its systems during flight Orion will also beam down images from its cameras as it is flying through space NASA will use the information gathered during the test flight to make improvements to the spacecraft before humans set foot on board Learn more about Orion and get a full schedule of events directly through NASA

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  • Colorado Sued by Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
    Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt said the lawsuit makes a distinction between legalized marijuana and the extensive commercialization permitted by Colorado What we take issue with is this licensing scheme this commercialization that the state has promoted at the expense of Oklahoma and Nebraska Pruitt said This is not just simply that Colorado has legalized the use and possession there are illegal products that are being trafficked across state lines Clearly we ve been injured This is not just simply that Colorado has legalized the use and possession there are illegal products that are being trafficked across state lines Clearly we ve been injured Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt In a statement Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said he wasn t entirely surprised by the lawsuit but said Nebraska and Oklahoma are attacking the wrong people Because neighboring states have expressed concern about Colorado grown marijuana coming into their states we are not entirely surprised by this action said Suthers However it appears the plaintiffs primary grievance stems from non enforcement of federal laws regarding marijuana as opposed to choices made by the voters of Colorado We believe this suit is without merit and we will vigorously defend against it in the U S Supreme Court Lawsuits filed by the states directly with the Supreme Court are rare and Pruitt said there s no way to know how quickly the court may respond On January 1 2014 Colorado legalized the recreational sale of marijuana to adults regardless of where they live And while the law prohibits people from taking that pot outside Colorado some police officers in bordering states say they ve seen an increase in marijuana flowing across the borders Is it all coming from Colorado Hell no It s coming from all over But I can tell you our numbers are double what they were last year BJ Wilkinson the police chief in Sidney Nebraska said in June Twice as often now when we walk up to a car we can smell burned marijuana The federally funded Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area team says it has documented a 13 000 increase in marijuana seizures in its four state operating area from 2005 to 2012 Those statistics were gathered before recreational sales of marijuana became legal in Colorado this year On Thursday Deuel County Nebraska Sheriff Adam Hayward welcomed Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning s lawsuit He said he hopes the federal government will act Hayward for months has been asking his state s leaders to take a harder line against Colorado s marijuana marketplace He said while marijuana was always available in his area it was never so widespread He said minor traffic stops on the nearby interstate that used to take a few minutes to deal with now can take hours because so many people are illegally carrying marijuana out of Colorado And now you re tying up two or three officers Hayward said It s a diversion of resources It appears the plaintiffs primary

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