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  • Hypertension and Laughter by Ben Fuchs
    and as it turns out she s only 5 feet 5 inches Next she takes her blood pressure and tells the woman it is very high Of course it s high the freaked out patient screams When I came in here I was tall and slender and now I m short and fat The body is always talking to us We may not listen but it s always reporting back about what s going on with it how it s responding to our actions and what we re doing wrong and right If you have a problem with dairy your intestine will signal its distress with cramping bloating and other digestive symptoms If you dare to eat cheese likewise gluten strawberries eggs and any other foods that initiate intolerance or allergies drink too much alcohol the next day s hangover can be a communication so clear and impactful you may never imbibe again On the other hand sometimes a burst of happiness or a hit of energy or just some plain old peace of mind can let you know that you re on the right track Doing something your body really needs wants and likes hot tubs a brisk workout and playing with babies and puppies come to mind While digestion immunity skin and respiration are all exquisitely sensitive to their environments no part of the body is more responsive than the heart and circulatory system Considering something on order of one out of every two or three Americans has some sort of circulatory health challenges that is good news That s because once we recognize our complicity in our vascular health challenges we ll be able to address them for real without doctors and devices diagnostic and drugs and their associated side effects One of the more significant manifestations of cardiovascular disease is hypertension and it s a serious problem According to an infographic published in the January 12 2013 edition of New Scientist Magazine hypertension is the leading contributor the global burden of all disease Yet nothing exemplifies our participation in our own health and our health challenges than high blood pressure the source of endless fodder for comedian s jokes and universally acknowledged for its association with stressful situations Yet while seemingly everyone knows that stress and hypertension go hand in hand most hypertensives think nothing about accepting the standard diagnosis of essential hypertension hypertension caused by meaning caused by unknown factor and pharmacological anti hypertensives that are among the most toxic of all prescription medication Hypertension is about stress and to the body there is no more important stress than a shortage of oxygen in the blood a condition called hypoxia and once a critical hypoxic threshold is reached immediately changes will take place in the blood vessels causing a rerouting of blood These modifications that are the result of the intelligent shunting and strategic opening and closing of vessels lead to an increase in blood pressure the force with which the sanguineous fluid moves the

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  • Cholesterol by Ben Fuchs
    in hand not to mention the physiological burden of nutritional deficiencies are the ultimate cause of elevated cholesterol and the real bad guys in the epic decades long drama called CHOLESTEROL MANIA In the same way that automobiles are manufactured by attaching assembly component to frames cholesterol acts like a chassis which is chemically modified in a multitude of ways to create a who s who of the hormones of health wellness and anti aging including progesterone DHEA estrogen testosterone and Vitamin D Cortisol the superstar stress hormone is also a type of souped up cholesterol Cholesterol doesn t just get turned into hormones Bile a key player in detoxification and digestion is also a type of accessorized cholesterol Cholesterol also acts as a thickener and stabilizer for the outer coating of cells the cell membrane And not just any thickener stabilizer but a bio intelligent one that adjusts to the environment the cell is sitting in It s responsive to the cellular environment and congeals on demand creating a more or less viscous system depending on what s required The cholesterol in cell membranes takes the form of a crystalline complex that allows it to acts as a type of electron storage device In much the same way that a LCD Liquid Crystal Display works by chemically changing the liquid shape of crystals to convey information cholesterol uses its liquid crystalline structure to exert an effect on the consistency on the cell membrane making it more or less sticky and permeable It is essentially a biological capacitor storing and releasing chunks of electricity electrons In addition to allowing it to behave as a cell membrane modifying molecule this property makes cholesterol an energy processor and information storage element much like a biological nanoscopic Intel computer chip This is especially relevant for the health of the nerves cells and the brain which are especially dependent on electrical energy Cholesterol plays a particularly important role in the skin Its tendency to create and store positive and negative charges comes in handy in the body s largest organ which uses this property to turn cells into bio solar panel that can convert the sun s energy into a useable biochemical format And speaking of skin cholesterol plays a major role in the health of the body s 22 square foot covering who s fatty lipid nature depends on the multi functional substance which act as a precursor to moisturizing protective and anti microbial factors When all of these benefits of cholesterol are accounted for it becomes difficult to justify any pharmaceutical or medical strategy to force the body to make less cholesterol let alone a toxic one that puts an especially onerous load on the liver the same organ responsible for purifying the body of the poisonous pharmaceutical chemicals Recently drug companies have announced the development of a vaccine that is specifically designed to kill of parts of cells that process and store cholesterol in an evil genius high tech attempt to

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  • Milea & Vitamin A by Ben Fuchs
    found in human hair it comprises a large concentration of the structural components of feathers hooves horns and antlers In humans it makes up the surface of hair strands as well as finger and toenails And via its deposition on the skin surface it s also responsible for much of the mechanical barrier effects of the body s largest organ Keratin o cytes which are generally referred to as skin cells are born in the bottom layer of the skin and they gradually rise to the top becoming more and more filled with keratin By the time a skin cell has made it from the bottom layer to the surface it is no longer alive essentially a cell remnant or shelled nearly completely packed with keratin to the point where it is actually little more than a hardened little speck of protein At this point it is no longer called a keratin o cyte It is now known as a corneo cyte which means hardened cell The coalescence of corne o cytes on the cutaneous surface comprises the stratum corneum layer which is the technical name for the very tippy top of the skin and which is directly exposed to the environment Stratum corneum is Latin for hardened layer and it gets its name from the corne o cytes hard cell compose it This transformation of keratin o cyte into corne o cyte is a complicated affair and defects in this process known as differentiation are responsible for many skin issues including acne eczema and psoriasis Because while morphing into a corne o cyte the keratin o cyte takes on different shapes these health challenges are generally referred to as differentiation diseases The movement of cells from the lower layer of the skin to the upper layer is tightly regulated If there are any defects in the structure or chemistry of skin cells i e keratin o cyte this process can go awry and disease can result For example if skin chemistry is somehow not proceeding correctly usually subsequent to inflammation nutritional deficiencies and lack of oxygen as well as toxicity cells may make way too much keratin and the end result can be little hard bumps called milea or keratosis This type of biochemical dysfunction is also associated with acne lesions and pimples Because all illness is cell illness all disease is cell disease and all physical dysfunction is cell dysfunction if think you are dealing with milea or zits or any other skin issue in reality what you have a skin cell keratin o cyte issue Skin cells like all cells make chemicals the production of which is dependent on fats and fatty vitamins none of which are more important than Vitamin A which I call Vitamin A nabolic anabolic building because it is so fundamental for the construction of biological structures i e cells While most vitamins are helpers supporting the work of other biochemicals Vitamin A is no mere assistant It represents nothing less than a

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  • I'm a little confused
    a little confused Read 1440 times sonofagun Jr Member Posts 58 Karma 11 18 I m a little confused on April 24 2015 08 13 05 AM Is pharmacist Ben posting here and if so under what name Last Edit April 24 2015 08 58 59 PM by sonofagun amillergcn Newbie Posts 6 Karma 1 0 Re I m a little confused Reply 1 on May 11 2015 05 04 41 PM Hi there I m going to recommend that you email me at amiller gcnlive com I honestly don t know whether or not Ben Fuchs interacts here It may just be that his blogs are posted here Mary Newbie Posts 12 Karma 4 0 Re I m a little confused Reply 2 on May 14 2015 12 49 17 PM I forgot my password and didn t have time to deal with that until now I know it was simple but I didn t have time to notice that until now In any event NO Ben is not posting here sonofagun Jr Member Posts 58 Karma 11 18 Re I m a little confused Reply 3 on May 15 2015 07 58 05 AM Thanks Mary Your password

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  • exemestane
    production so the cancer does not return Does this make sense Thanks BraveNewWhirled Jr Member Posts 70 Karma 12 6 Re exemestane Reply 1 on March 17 2015 07 07 29 PM A great resource for side effects is drugs com Maybe she could get a second opinion And a third It s important to be comfortable with your doctor and the care received If you think your doctor is incompetent never hesitate to find another I m not saying the doctor is a twit but in the past I have been in the care of near complete idiots I met a thoracic surgeon who didn t know that a PET scan uses radioactive glucose for metabolic detection Another insisted that the Gardasil vaccine is an effective prophylaxis for HPV when it only covers four strains and has managed to kill and maim a bunch of people in trials and since it was introduced But he read his Establishment Medical Journal and they said it s like bubblegum and ponies so it must be good But an Internet community forum is probably one of the last places you should trust for great advice on cancer treatment I hope she gets

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  • Butter & SCFA's by Ben Fuchs
    the short fats or as they are more technically called short chain fatty acids SCFAs is particularly significant if unrecognized These t little molecular fatty structures play an especially huge role in the health of the intestine and via this link they have can affect the whole body SCFAs are made in the large intestine by fiber munching bacteria which secrete the fatty molecules as a byproduct SCFAs can also be ingested via the diet From the intestine these tiny lipids readily enter into the blood circulation and travel throughout the body eventually entering into the brain An increase in SCFA concentration in the blood is one of the main signals for appetite suppression In essence SCFAs biochemically curb the appetite and in essence represent a type fat that helps you drop pounds Eat butter lose weight While it may seem like fat is fat and all just sits around on our thighs or hips and does nothing from a biology perspective fats are quite active as messenger molecules telling the body and brain what s happening in the digestive system They are signaling molecules and once this is understood it becomes clear why the outdated dietician and medical advice to avoid all fat is bad science and bad health advice Short fats can have brain health benefits too especially when comes to calming things down This fact explains the important link between the intestine and the brain the so called gut brain axis and its relationship to the development of schizophrenia autism and mental health issues in general Via this SCFA mechanism the somewhat counterintuitive notion after all the intestine is located about as far away from the brain as you can get that what we eat affects how we think can be explained All SCFAs have a calming

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  • Hair is Dead! by Ben Fuchs
    rarely see the actual amino itself listed on your product s ingredient deck what you will often find is some kind hydrolyzed protein Whether it s from wheat barley soy or some other plant product these hydrolyzed proteins which contain a significant amount the hair hardening amino acid can theoretically at least be released and delivered into the hair shaft as your shampoo or conditioner is being applied The major cysteine containing protein in the hair and for that matter in nails and skin is called keratin and oftentimes shampoos and conditioners manufacturers will include it as an ingredient in their formulations L Oréal Jason and TRESemme among other companies all have hair products that feature keratin there s even hair styling products that have keratin in them If you do a google search for keratin and shampoo you ll over 5 million hits and if you just take a walk through the shampoo section at Walmart or your favorite grocery store you ll find dozens of shampoos with names like Keranique and Keralique and Suave with keratin as well as keratin hair oils and keratin conditioners Do they work Probably not Remember hair is dead and while keratin is composed of cysteine it isn t going to be able do much to change permanently the quality of hair by simply applying it topically via a shampoo or conditioner Keratin containing hair products are more about marketing and misinformation than actual keratin effects at best keratin may soften hair a little bit by acting as a moisturizer And it s possible although unlikely that keratin may get deposited in the hair shaft allowing for a temporary strengthening effect although that too is unlikely In the salon world hair stylists CAN make use of keratin and cysteine in a product called the Brazilian Blowout which is basically a hair straightening treatment utilizing heat and cysteine that breaks reforms the protein bonds in curly frizzy hair turning it into smooth straight hair that can last for weeks Previously most hair relaxer and straighteners simply used heat in a very harsh alkalinizers like lye and potassium hydroxide As it turns out by using cysteine typically in the form of keratin Brazilian blowout and similar products manage to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and still achieve good hair straightening results However in recent years it has come to the attention of the FDA and OSHA and other researchers that the Brazilian Blowout product actually achieved their fantastic results with formaldehyde a not very pleasant carcinogenic chemical that s used to preserve corpses An OSHA study found 60 times the allowable level of Formaldehyde in one Brazilian blowout product which was comprised at least according to OSHA 12 of the product That s a lot of formaldehyde In any case whether or not there is formaldehyde in these kinds of products hair straightening is by its very nature an aggressive procedure because the hair s natural cysteine bonds are so darn strong it takes

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  • Eczema by Ben Fuchs
    associated with the secretion of defensive prostaglandins and cytokines stimulated by perceived threats whether introduced to the skin internally from the food toxicity and digestive difficulties via the blood or occasionally by topical contact Although eczema has been recognized a skin disease for millennia ancient Egyptian recommendations recorded on papyrus suggest honey salves as a treatment the medical model remains so mystified by how to address it that most modern treatments available today typically steroid creams haven t substantially changed in decades The inflammatory aspect of eczema makes it a classic type defensive skin disease Inflammation is the calling card of the immune system and eczematous skin is a sign that the body is protecting itself This protective response is what we call inflammation and it affects how skin cells grow and ultimately how surface barrier is formed The end result is the raw rashy symptomology of eczema While the dermatologist strategy for dealing with the distress and discomfort involve suppression of the defenses with steroid creams and ointments at best this can only give temporary and symptomatic relief The most effective intelligent and non medical way to address eczema is to eliminate the stimulus of the defensive response by first asking the logical question what is the offending agent Food and digestion are almost always involved and yes gluten is a possible suspect But there s no way of knowing what you are reacting to without linking flare ups and digestive symptoms like gas constipation heart burn in addition to skin flare ups to specific foods Nutritional supplements can be helpful too Essential fatty acids fatty vitamins especially A 20 000 iu daily D 5000 iu daily lots of sunshine exposure and minerals like zinc picolinate 50mg daily and selenium Monomethionine or chelate 400 mcg daily can be helpful too I hope that helps Also it s important to keep in mind It s not just what you take it s also what you absorb and digestive distress and malabsorbtion especially fat malabsorbtion often accompany eczema as well as other skin conditions Bob Newbie Posts 1 Karma 0 0 Re Eczema by Ben Fuchs Reply 1 on April 22 2015 10 29 57 PM Dear Dr Ben My name is Bob Smilie I was the last caller on your show today I just wanted to give you my history before I call back in for your show on Thursday morning I had my first bad episode of arthritis 1 ½ years ago and I believe I was just starting the Atkins diet I had a minor episode about 3 years ago and just thought I jammed my wrist I m 48 years old I weighed 280 lbs 61 days ago I am now 214 lbs with a loss of 66lbs 61 days ago I started a very successful 60 day juice only fast Breakfast was always grapefruit lemon orange pinapple and carrots The rest of the day I usually did 2 Mean Green juices of kale cucumber celery lemon

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