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  • Lazio Says Market Forces Not Enough to Fix Affordable Housing Crisis
    AFFORDABLE HOUSING CRISIS by American sociobiologist Rebecca D Costa According to HUD over 12 million American households spend more than half their income on housing there s not a single city in the United States where the average single income family can afford rent on a 2 bedroom apartment The struggle for affordable safe housing is reaching a crisis point What exactly is affordable housing According to four term New York Congressman Rick Lazio the definition accepted by lending institutions and government agencies is housing which consumes no more than one third of a household s income Speaking on The Costa Report Lazio wasted no time acknowledging that government leaders and the media have been slow to address the rising cost of shelter Lazio best known for opposing Hillary Clinton in the 2000 New York Senate race and track record as Chairman of the House Banking Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity pointed to the ripple effect poor housing has on productivity family life and mental health in America I think about housing as a catalyst to organize your life said Mr Lazio It s virtually impossible to get your life together if you don t have some place to go back to that is a safe home When asked by host Rebecca Costa whether this was a problem better solved by the free market than by government Lazio pointed to the effect the shortage of affordable housing is already having on seniors disabled citizens and single income households The market alone will not correct for those folks Lazio s solution Public private partnerships made possible by the Low Income Housing Tax Credit It s private investment dollars that make these projects work said Mr Lazio These partnerships are affordable and sustainable from an economic standpoint for the developers and

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  • Breaking News: Tom Ridge in Favor of Talks with Sunni Tribal Leaders to Comba...
    12 59 38 PM BREAKING NEWS TOM RIDGE IN FAVOR OF TALKS WITH SUNNI TRIBAL LEADERS TO COMBAT ISIL by American sociobiologist Rebecca D Costa Tom Ridge first United States Secretary of Homeland Security is concerned that ISIL is being mischaracterized as a terrorist organization It s an army said Ridge not some terrorist cell or group of cells On The Costa Report Ridge laid the growing problem in the Middle East at the doorstep of U S leaders urging that Obama s desire to avoid becoming a wartime president be put aside To say this U S air campaign is a counter terrorist operation diminishes the severity of the challenge to America and its allies Ridge explained The notion that we can just simply destroy this enemy with drone attacks with missiles from ships and bombs from airplanes is contrary to how war needs to be fought if we seek to win it Ridge supports re opening a dialogue with Sunni tribal leaders many of whom Ridge claims have previously cooperated with the State Department According to Ridge leaders such as generals Petraeus and McChrystal worked with and had tremendous credibility with many Sunni tribal leaders Supporting Ridge s claim that Sunni tribal leaders can play an important role in bringing the ISIL conflict to a fast end Josh Rushing American reporter for Al Jazeera reports that the U S relationship with Sunni leaders deteriorated when the promise of a representative government in Iraq failed to materialize Government appointments in the Iraqi administration were awarded to Shia and the new regime ordered the military to open fire on Sunni protesters As a result the relationship between Sunni leaders and the United States grew strained and distant Presently Sunni tribes consist of millions of members with a single tribe reporting

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  • Did the U.S. Disrupt ISIL's Lucrative Hostages-For-Money Market?
    MARKET by American sociobiologist Rebecca D Costa Speaking on The Costa Report Josh Rushing reporter for Al Jazeera America claims the way we describe ISIL is extremely important and probably under discussed According to Rushing the turmoil is best characterized as an ethnic conflict and a religious sectarian conflict The situation cannot be addressed as a simple case of right versus wrong There are no good guys he emphatically stated The simple binary that we tend to use in the U S is good versus evil I think that is dangerously overly simplistic Take the beheadings of American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff for example an act described as retaliation for U S military involvement Rushing points out that prior to the beheadings European governments had been willing to pay ransom fees in the millions According to Rushing ransoms came to represent a significant source of income for the Islamic state In other words a lucrative market for western hostages had already been operating successfully for many years it was only when the United States refused to pay ransom for American hostages that the business was disrupted Rushing s revelation that the hostages were merely a commodity which could be exchanged for money makes it clear that the storyline calling the beheadings a response to U S airstrikes was retrofitted once ISIL was unable to extract payment By refusing to pay the U S government drew a line in the sand and set a dangerous precedent for other European customers of ISIL thereby bringing an end to the once lucrative hostages for money business But Rushing has another worry The kidnapping of journalists has caused news agencies to avoid sending reporters into these dangerous areas leading to a lack of reporting or black hole where intelligence is concerned He

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  • ACA: Jury Still Out. More Americans Covered, Little to Reduce Costs
    U S Since taking over the position in the Spring of 2014 he s been stewarding Sun Life through one of the most radical transformations to hit the insurance industry the rollout of the Affordable Care Act Fishbein recently stopped by The Costa Report to explain how the insurance industry has responded to ACA and what we should look for down the road Fishbein who in addition to being a doctor has over two and a half decades of insurance industry experience under his belt with giants like Aetna New York Life MassMutual was a smart pick for one of America s largest insurance companies Where insurance is concerned he s seen it all from radical changes in treatments and technology to the recent advent of private and public health exchanges and voluntary benefits Though Fishbein acknowledges ACA has been successful from an enrollment standpoint he remains cautious as to whether the program s long term goals will be realized We ve made progress getting more people covered but we re still facing a very serious cost challenge he warns Much of the ongoing rise in healthcare costs is a product of new technology new drugs and new techniques for addressing disease These are all wonderful things but they re all more expensive he said Fishbein concedes that in the end higher costs are reflected in higher premiums so cost reduction must be a paramount priority But according to Fishbein expensive new procedures and technologies are not the only trend to watch He points to an alarming increase in the dollar amount of insurance claims Over the past three years we ve seen a tenfold increase in the number of claims over 1 million That tenfold jump has caught the attention of all insurance carriers In the final analysis Fishbein

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  • E.O. Wilson Warns Biosphere "Shield" Vital for Continuation of Human Species
    and sociobiology releases another controversial book this month The Meaning of Human Existence In his book Wilson the only scientist to be physically attacked on U S soil for his work urges modern man to face head on the questions French artist Paul Gaugin scrawled on the corner of his canvas Where do we come from What are we Where are we going Our interest in the living part of the world is fading warns Wilson It s going green fake green pastel green Despite the trend toward environmentally responsible living startling figures on global extinction indicate we are rapidly destroying a complex system of biodiversity which shields human life According to Wilson the present rate of extinction poses a threat to the survival of the human species We ll be down at the end of the century to one half of the species either extinct or on the brink of extinction He explains that the mass eradication of biodiversity has been further compounded by the effects of climate change and other byproducts of progress The biosphere is like a shield over us said Wilson We treat it as though it s just something given In fact we re wiping it out At present scientists estimate that they have discovered only 2 million of 8 9 million total species on Earth which makes an accurate assessment of the rate of extinction challenging When asked by host of The Costa Report Rebecca Costa why leaders don t make protecting the shield a priority Wilson replied We are a dysfunctional species We just can t get things together We keep having disasters According to Wilson the root cause of turmoil is the lack of an understanding of who and what we are Once the questions posed by Paul Gauguin are addressed and

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  • Former National Security Advisor, Robert McFarlane, says Declaration of War...
    favor of a formal Declaration of War against ISIS According to McFarlane without a Declaration of War funds to combat ISIS will be dispersed on a case by case basis putting the U S military effort in jeopardy of political bickering in Washington McFarlane warned that ISIS truly does threaten stability in the United States These debates over policy can tie up action forever he went on to say McFarlane explained that regaining territory is a military objective which will require thousands of U S troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria When asked whether other industrialized nations might take the lead with the U S playing a supporting role McFarlane responded We the United States are uniquely qualified to do this and it s in our best interest to do this We re the only ones who have been there done that and can do it again McFarlane expressed worry that without a formal Declaration of War as well as a Status of Forces Agreement U S military personnel have no real authority to act on foreign ground a dangerous situation which the U S found itself in following the invasion of Iraq The former National Security Advisor

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  • Former Administrator of EPA says U.S. not in a Position to Advise Other...
    on November 10 2014 12 44 05 PM FORMER ADMINISTRATOR OF EPA SAYS U S NOT IN A POSITION TO ADVISE OTHER NATIONS ON CLEAN ENERGY by American sociobiologist Rebecca D Costa In their most serious language ever the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated today that the failure to curtail emissions could threaten society with food shortages refugee crises flooding of major cities and entire island nations mass extinction of plants and animals and a climate so drastically altered it might become dangerous for people to work or play outside during the hottest times of the year The panel warned that society is not responding quickly enough to mitigate the effects rapid changes in weather patterns will wreak on human existence Enter former Administrator for the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA Christine Todd Whitman who says the U S government needs to reevaluate its own approach to climate change before instructing developing nations on their policies Speaking on The Costa Report Whitman addressed public confusion as to whether climate change is real as well as the degree to which human activity contributes to the phenomena If 97 of scientists say that it s happening then I think we can be pretty comfortable in saying that it s happening she said According to Whitman the issue lies in overstating the extent to which human beings are the cause of climate change Environmentalists speak in absolutes she explained adding They say humans cause climate change Well we don t We just are making it worse Whitman continued We as Americans tend to focus on what happens here in this country but Mother nature does not care about geo political boundaries She warns that the United States cannot expect the rest of the world to accept advice on environmental policy when

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  • Carol Moseley Braun Warns Consumers:Organically Grown Does Not Mean Biodynamical
    assume organically grown means sustainable methods were used Former United States Senator Carol Moseley Braun says yes Speaking on The Costa Report Moseley explained why looking for the biodynamically grown label is as important as choosing organic According to Braun biodynamic farming is a system of agriculture that enhances the soil relies on companion planting and putting nutrients back into the soil She worries that many consumers believe the organic label is the gold standard for healthy eating even though organic does not indicate whether the long term viability of the soil was considered Thankfully there s now an easy way to tell whether sustainable farming methods were used DEMETER Association Inc a non profit organization which certifies biodynamic farms and products now offers a DEMETER consumer label According to the organization s website the goal of biodynamic practices is to create a farm system that is minimally dependant on imported materials and instead meets its needs from the living dynamics of the farm itself Farms certified by DEMETER achieve this by using natural methods such as crop rotation composting and other techniques which ensure healthy soil for generations to come Braun said that she is now in the midst

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