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  • Welcome everyone!
    October 18 2010 at 6 00pm We re gonna need each other before it s all Through It just is what it is for me and you Now I always did things all on my own Proud of Acomplishment earned all alone Now the tides and seasons have certainly changed and this new worlds order has been rearranged The Strong are now weak and the weak weaker still and the Cup Runneth Over much harder to fill the Emperors are walkin round wearing no clothes they are tellin us Sorry that s just how it goes While they are beating our Plowshares into their Swords Our little girls get shot at in Grocery Stores Now fightin each other can t be what we do cuz we ll be needing each other before it s all through I m no longer living my life in the past and you can t throw stones in a house made of glass The emperor tells us the money s all gone But don t worry kids we ll take out a loan Please give us your best and we ll send them to War Don t worry yourselves bout what it s all for The emperor s leavin he s taking his clothes he says sorry my friends that s just how it goes The king says the problems are not what they seem It s time to wake up from your American Dream Well were gonna need each other before it s all through because the forces against us are not me and you The Wizard of Oz on the Yellow Brick Road says don t worry yourselves just do what your told We ll print some more money and buy some more food while we keep on tellin you what you should

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  • Attention Joywalking Roaming Reporters!
    audio recorder iPhones Androids work and get out on the streets of your community and start interacting with your neighbors Always start the interview by saying This is your first name Dr Joywalking roaming reporter and we re here with interviewee s first name Then go ahead and ask the current month s question November s question is What are you thankful for After you have recorded your quick interviews

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  • Assisted Suicide
    he was told by other medical professionals that it destroys the people who go on living and it makes it so much harder for the living to get their lives back on track when a spouse chooses this I do not have any ill will towards my husband and cannot judge his choice because I watched what he went through for five years and saw how bad it was for him and couldn t imagine how bad he must have felt everyday I was not prepared for the emotional up evil my trying to process his death and the assisted suicide has done to me it has been 14 months and still seems like yesterday because when you have to keep the secret you cannot talk to anyone and you cannot get help all these feelings that need sorted out go no where they stay inside of me and haunt me every minute of every day I will probably never get over it If you are not educated about this you should educate yourself before you think that it should be legal everywhere Even the states it is legal in does not allow a person with depression to use this law to as you say opt out There s a very good reason why the law has the strict boundaries it has in place because people like yourself would use it to escape a bad day while in the throws of their depression and there is no coming back from this and as I know enough about depression to know that tomorrow will most likely be better and suicide takes away your tomorrows You can only get the meds and the permission to use the assisted suicide law if you already have a terminally ill diagnosis and your time is very close to being over from your illness so this keeps people having a bad period in their lives from suicide The worst part about the law is the ill patient has to be of sound mind at the time of the suicide request and that is very cruel for the people who are beyond being able to sign their name on the request and do the paper work When a person is that sick and that bad off there needs to be an exception other than going through a court which is a lengthy process to allow these people to exercise their rights to use this option They are the ones who need this most and their suffering is greater because if they cannot ask for assisted suicide and sign on the dotted line they continue to suffer until a judge looks at their case and decides for them on behalf of a request made by their family It makes the law so backwards that the people who are allowed this are still coherent and talking and watching movies and talking on the phone and eating three meals a day in some cases and from all outside appearances are

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  • 40 Year Old Finally Growing Up
    Growing Up on October 24 2014 07 42 34 AM A friend of mine lives in the country where we grew up I left for college and stayed in the city She has always lived at home with her parents She is the baby of 5 and she is a twin to an alcoholic drug using brother Her parents both recently died due to cancer within 3 years of each other She inherited everything and now her sibs don t talk to her much because she chose to keep it all and not split it She is suffering from anxiety because she has been forced to finally grow up and pay a morgage among other bills where she used to use her money to buy horses and ger her hair braided and go on cruises because her parents took care of everything What advice can I give her to ease the anxiety I have a family of my own and bought my house over 15 years ago so I can t really see the world through her eyes Shaine Moderator Newbie Posts 6 Karma 0 0 Re 40 Year Old Finally Growing Up Reply 1 on November 06 2014 10

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  • I Love Dr Joy!
    Newbie Posts 1 Karma 1 0 I Love Dr Joy on October 10 2014 05 05 29 PM Doc I ve been a listener since you were in SF The advice you have given over the years have made me a better person Thank you Shaine Moderator Newbie Posts 6 Karma 0 0 Re I Love Dr Joy Reply 1 on October 22 2014 04 10 45 PM Thanks so

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  • Print Page - Psychotic episodes
    the first psychotic episode in the Spring of 2010 Both resulted in trips to local psych wards the first diagnosing me O C D HA the 2nd diagnosing me as Paranoid Schizophrenic which I accept but don t wholly agree with Mainly because I know what I experienced I know what I wrote I know what I saw So where to dump the data I suppose I could just attach

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  • Stuxnet
    Go Down Author Topic Stuxnet Read 342 times Archivist Newbie Posts 11 Karma 1 0 Stuxnet on December 10 2015 04 38 27 PM Katherine s guest Kim Zetter talks about the development of Stuxnet by the US and Israel and its deployment Kim Zetter is an award winning senior staff reporter at Wired covering cybercrime privacy and security Author of new book COUNTDOWN TO ZERO DAY Stuxnet and the

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  • Katherine's Guest today 12-8-15 is Jordan Brown
    Katherine s Guest today 12 8 15 is Jordan Brown on December 08 2015 02 03 36 PM Jordan Brown is an activist artist and independent film maker whose work focuses on the interface between the dominant culture and the real impact on people society and the environment The social and environmental implications of the pervasive technoculture is a current focus of Jordan s work specifically research and development for

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