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  • I am very concerned about the people in my country
    the people in my country I m not going to sit up here and dismiss the current affairs that is plaguing our nation such as the mounting tension and history between black people and the police Now more than ever U S citizens are making a stance and are vocal about the overaggressive police brutality against all people in America There is no doubt that we have a serious problem on our hands The recent lives lost from citizens and police officers is creating a massive division While these protests are going on something greater is at stake that we will all face as a nation Right now as we tweet the popular hashtags BlackLivesMatter AllLivesMatter and NYPDLivesMatter other nations are making significant strategic moves against our country What are we going to do Most young people on social media protesting about police brutality may only know about the current events that is constantly bombarding us and baiting us into their discussion The discussion of the media They are dictating what they want you to talk about We have more power than we may realize Especially with social media They watch social media and edge us on with their news to direct our emotions What many people are missing is the events that are currently taking place globally will eventually effect us all It pains me to say this but it will take a catastrophic event on U S soil from another country for us to forget our differences and pull together as Americans It happened on 9 11 The first 48 72 hours after those buildings came down no conspiracies to consider No false flag allegations Just one American helping another American Crap is about to get real and it s about to get real really fast We are

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  • UFO'S, ENCOUNTERS, ET'S and UNDERGROUND BASES (Wilbur Allen Interview) HR 1/2
    Flow Of Wisdom Moderator Newbie Posts 23 Karma 2 0 UFO S ENCOUNTERS ET S and UNDERGROUND BASES Wilbur Allen Interview HR 1 2 on January 20 2015 08 44 18 PM Wilbur Allen UFO researcher and contract photographer for National Geographic shares stories of his documented photo s of UFO s and frequent encounters Wilbur s photos of unidentified flying objects has been featured on national television programs on

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  • FLOW OF WISDOM SHOW: FSU Shooter suicide letter - Mind control weapons - Ferguso
    Ferguso on December 02 2014 09 42 44 AM Source http flowofwisdom com 2014 11 24 flow of wisdom show myron may fsu shooter suicide letter mind control weapons ferguson hour 1 If you missed the show on November 23 here is hour one Lots of phone interaction during this show Callers from Arizona Austin Georgia to California Some of the topics covered was the over agreesive acts by the state of Missouri with the National Guard and Homeland Security making its presence known in Ferguson I shared how it was ironic that the claims of the FSU shooter were similar to the Naval Yard shooter They were being attacked and controlled with ELF Extremely Low Frequency waves and hearing voices I played back excerpts from my interview with Dr Nick Begich who is an expert on HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Program technology and how it is used to conduct mind control on humans The info shared during this segment is very informative Mind control technology is being used on Targeted Individuals that our government has been testing and using over several decades I also read the a href http flowofwisdom com 2014 11 23 rosanne marie myron may

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  • What did Bill Cosby do to **** someone off in Hollywood?
    off in Hollywood on December 02 2014 09 11 49 AM Source flowofwisdom com Since I ve been getting lots of people asking me about my thoughts on the allegations of Bill Cosby I decided to record a video Listen to my radio show live on a radio station near you You can also listen online at gcnlive com Sunday s 3 5pm EST Link to Bryan Singer X Men

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  • Exclusive: Exposed Trafficking, rape & murder of children-Kevin Annett Interview
    of wisdom exclusive exposed trafficking rape murder of children kevin annett interview 12 This was probably one of the most disturbing interviews I ve done in my career at this point My guest Kevin Annett who is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 2013 Community minister human rights consultant and Field Secretary for The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State ITCCS org He has also put out an award winning documentary Unrepentant and author During my interview with Kevin we spoke extensively about exposing the dark sinister corruption of the Roman Catholic Church involving the trafficking of children Some of the hard hitting points mentioned during this interview was when I asked why do they traffic children he said because it s lucrative I asked Kevin to elaborate on the Ninth Circle Ritual He said it s a cult that has operated in the Catholic Church for at least 200 years Eyewitnesses have come out speaking of these child sacrificial rituals on Roman holidays that still carry on today Ninth Circle Ritual Children are being sacrificed to their Roman gods in memory of their ancestors It s believed that the power is acquired through spilling the blood of the innocent Every level of the Catholic hierarchy knows about these things In the government system of child protection more of these agencies are being privatized just like you find in the prisons so there is an economic incentive In Canada an agency gets 100 000 each child which is a private company posed as a part of the government where a child gets taken out of a home and put in a foster home It s a whole black market of trafficking of children and are being used in human hunting parties Just like you see in the movies like

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  • FLOW OF WISDOM SHOW: Nov 23, 2014 Hour 1
    using over several decades I also read the suicide letter of the FSU shooter Myron May that was sent out to select friends He confessed that he was being controlled by this technology and he wanted to bring awareness in order to help others Check it out and share Last Edit November 24 2014 01 45 37 PM by csadler Randallscrow Newbie Posts 33 Karma 7 0 Re FLOW OF WISDOM SHOW Nov 23 2014 Hour 1 Reply 1 on November 25 2014 11 26 48 PM We re gonna need each other before it s all through October 18 2010 at 6 00pm We re gonna need each other before it s all Through It just is what it is for me and you Now I always did things all on my own Proud of Acomplishment earned all alone Now the tides and seasons have certainly changed and this new worlds order has been rearranged The Strong are now weak and the weak weaker still and the Cup Runneth Over much harder to fill the Emperors are walkin round wearing no clothes they are tellin us Sorry that s just how it goes While they are beating our Plowshares into their Swords Our little girls get shot at in Grocery Stores Now fightin each other can t be what we do cuz we ll be needing each other before it s all through I m no longer living my life in the past and you can t throw stones in a house made of glass The emperor tells us the money s all gone But don t worry kids we ll take out a loan Please give us your best and we ll send them to War Don t worry yourselves bout what it s all for The emperor

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  • Print Page - Which will feed our future's billions: ecological or industrial agriculture?
    2050 than it delivers today There are two strategies for agriculture to pursue One strategy for feeding the future which we will call ecological for want of a better term seeks to increase productivity by amplifying the biological processes of nature One example of ecological agriculture is that discovered by U S Secretary of Agriculture F H King in 1900 when he visited China Said King in his Farmers of Forty Centuries With our broad fields our machinery and few people their system appears to us crude and impossible but cut our holding to the size of theirs and the same stroke makes our machinery even our plows still more impossible and so the more one studies the environment of these people their numbers what they have done and are doing against what odds they have succeeded the more difficult it becomes to see what courses might have been better The other strategy which we will call industrial for its factory like scale seeks to increase productivity by redirecting the biological processes of nature Examples of industrial agriculture abound in the heartland of America where with the help of plants genetically modified to contain pesticides and to withstand herbicides one

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  • Sad...
    previous next Print Pages 1 Go Down Author Topic Sad Read 153 times jaray242 Newbie Posts 15 Karma 5 2 Sad on January 05 2016 06 21 50 PM You guys are totally clueless you should listen to Conan BraveNewWhirled Jr Member Posts 70 Karma 12 6 Re Sad Reply 1 on January 05 2016 08 19 33 PM The show has become essentially useless I ve been much more

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