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  • corey, Author at Hearing Concern
    you installed new plumbing Has an electrician rewired your home Many improvements will qualify you for discounts and you will want to claim them all Lower your homeowners insurance premium Do you have a good credit rating and a good claim history Both of these reduce your risk and will have positive impacts on your rate The same is true if you are a non smoker You are now ready to begin your online comparisons Remember too that if you bundle all of your coverage under one company you will almost always qualify for a multiple policy discount The same is true if you have been with a carrier for a long time because there are longevity or customer loyalty discounts In fact there can be so many discounts that many consumers find their premiums reduced significantly just by applying them Don t skimp on homeowners insurance coverage One thing you should not do to save money is skimp on coverage Policies are for your protection and if you have to call on it and find that you have for example allowed your home replacement value to be set too low you will regret it If you do not agree with the home replacement value your carrier s adjuster sets you can engage your own contractors to give estimates and present those to your carrier for consideration Perhaps you own a condominium It is important to know that you are only responsible for insuring the contents and any improvements The structure is covered by your association s master policy Become familiar with it so you are certain of sufficient coverage if the worst should happen Posted on May 11 2015 May 11 2015 by corey How your dog can affect home insurance There s a great love for some of the big intimidating looking dog breeds to scare off burglars and others who are up to not good They aren t exactly guard dogs they are family pets with additional benefits If you love large dogs with that look you probably have had or now have one of these breeds Doberman Akita Presa canario Pit Bull Great Dane Malamute Husky German Shepherd Rottweiler Wolf hybrids What they have in common is that they re hard to insure against dog bites as you will find out when you look for New York home insurance quotes If one of these furry critters is a member of your family you may have a difficult time getting a policy written that will cover you if they happen to bite someone Why these dogs in particular They are considered at high risk for dog bites because their owners submit dog bite claims more often than owners of other dogs There may be other dogs considered poor risk as well as it is up to the individual company writing the policy and setting the premium A dog bite can be an expensive claim to pay involving medical expenses and sometimes hospitalization or even damages from a

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