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  • Online Pharmacy Check
    company Secure Ordering This may go without saying in today s age of Internet shopping but secure ordering is a must if you will be sharing private information about your medical history as well as your credit card number Most reputable online pharmacies will provide information about their secure ordering methods so you can rest assured your sensitive information will remain confidential While online pharmacies are often the cheapest and most convenient way to get medications today it is important to know how to pick the reputable companies from the fraudulent ones By following these 10 easy tips you can rest assured the online pharmacy you choose will be as safe as it is convenient Are Online Pharmacies Safe There is no doubt that online pharmacies offer a convenience and money saving factor But are they safe Many worry that ordering medications from a company online results in lower quality and even some fraudulent prescription filling However if you do your homework before ordering your medications from an online pharmacy you can do plenty to lower your risk and ensure the medicine you receive is safe and effective We have 10 features of rogue pharmacies to watch out for No Prescription Required Online pharmacies that do not require a prescription are usually not legal pharmacies These companies are not working with your best interests in mind and may send you a medication that could be harmful to you These companies may also offer to send unusually high quantities of pills while reputable pharmacies usually limit their dosing amounts to between 30 and 90 days at a time Offer to Provide an Online Consultation Some of the rogue pharmacies on the Internet will advertise that they provide online consultations with a physician Based on the information that is exchanged online the physician may recommend a particular medication This is not an accurate way to diagnose and treat any type of disorder and is usually just another way for the pharmacy to get around requiring a prescription to dispense medication Only order medications that have been prescribed by your doctor to ensure they are safe and effective for you No Pharmacist on Staff When you choose an online pharmacy call the company and ask to speak to a physician or pharmacist on staff Safe reputable online pharmacies fill their prescriptions through licensed pharmacists who are also available to answer patient questions accurately This ensures that the medications and care a patient receives from the pharmacy is of the highest quality No Contact Information Some online pharmacies do not provide any contact information for their company leaving you to wonder exactly where prescriptions are filled and dispensed They may not have any way to contact the company after you order from them to ask questions about the medication or track your order In many of these cases the money is taken and the order never comes Never order from an online pharmacy that does not provide an email address physical address and telephone numbers No Licensing or Accreditation A legitimate online pharmacy should prominently display their license number and accreditation seal However just because the company offers that information do not take it at face value Contact the issuing agency yourself to make sure the number or seal is authentic This is relatively easy to confirm and makes a big difference in the legitimacy and safety of any online pharmacy No Security in Place Reputable Internet companies display their security information to reassure shoppers that transactions with the company will be safe and confidential While security is important with any Internet shopping site it becomes even more critical with an online pharmacy that is collecting confidential medical information as well as financial data Offer Controlled Substances Rogue pharmacies may offer potentially dangerous drugs to consumers Controlled substances like hydrocodone and valium are some of the most popular in this category Even if a drug is not classified as a controlled substance it could harbor potentially serious side effects for some individuals such as accutane and thalomidare Advertise Popular Drugs Many rogue pharmacies prominently advertise popular medications like anti depressants and impotence drugs to entice shoppers into their site Other potential candidates include weight loss pills smoking cessation medication and painkillers If you see more of these types of drugs than other common medications proceed with caution Spam Potential Customers Never buy online medications from a company that spasm your inbox There are no legitimate online pharmacies that will do business in this manner since it encourages individuals who do not necessarily need medications to shop for them Authentic online pharmacies also will not sell your contact information to other companies unless you specifically give them permission to do so Sneak in Hidden Fees Some rogue pharmacies sneak in fees for membership or account set up to beef up their income This is not a typical practice with authentic online pharmacies with a primary goal of simply providing high quality medications at a good price If you see additional fees getting tacked onto your order leave that website and look for another pharmacy Safety is a legitimate concern with online pharmacies but the good news is that there are steps you can take to make sure your online drugstore is safe and reliable With these red flags to watch out for you will be much more likely to find a reputable online pharmacy for all of your prescription needs How to Buy from an Online Pharmacy With convenience and savings to offer many more online pharmacies are taking business away from the traditional brick and mortar drugstores These virtual shopping networks allow patients to order their prescription medications from the comfort and privacy of home with boxes delivered right to their front door If you have been considering the switch to an online pharmacy we ll give you the steps required to purchase your next round of medication from the virtual drugstore Who Should Use an Online Pharmacy The online pharmacy is most convenient

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