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  • Sheryl's Blog » Blog Archive Another Installation Already in Progress (But it’s Not)
    the hard way I m planning to set up Linux on my old computer just haven t gotten around to it yet I m waffling on what flavor to go with SU says April 25 2009 at 8 34 pm IT WORKS just as simple as that Simple and Works Best solution FrankFranko says April 30 2009 at 5 34 am This solution does work but just to confirm what Vigan has said not 100 of the time If the broken installation which is causing this error message to appear is able to get started again before you get your other installation uninstallation running after setting the Windows Installer back to manual then it fails like Vigan says What I did was kick off the uninstall I was having problems with and then I reset the Windows Installer to manual That way it got its MSIEXEC process started before the rogue one and it worked fine after that Before I did that thought it did exactly what Vigan said happened in his experience So like I say not 100 fix with this solution but it does work if you are fast Sheryl Canter says April 30 2009 at 8 40 am FrankFranko I don t think what you said is correct or not exactly What I described works the vast majority of the time because the vast majority of the time there isn t a faulty installation that s trying to restart or do something else bad Usually the installation went just fine but Vista doesn t recognize it s done So there s no timing issue you don t have to do it fast like you describe I ve stalled for a while because I didn t feel like rebooting no problem I think there probably are a few rare circumstances when there really is an install program that s faulty but it s never happened to me One other person posted something that sounded like a true faulty install program Vince says May 14 2009 at 6 52 pm Thank very much Sheryl your solution worked like a charm Ram Reddy says May 14 2009 at 9 19 pm It was so annoying I thought of abandoning Vista and going back to XP A couple of days I searched and searched and finally found your site luckily Your suggestion worked for me You are wonderful Many thanks Francisco says May 17 2009 at 4 47 pm Gracias totales Sheryl you are my salvation I was going crazy Lynne Bussard says May 22 2009 at 1 10 pm I see 2 different directions on this page Sheryl Canter I ve used this technique many times so if it didn t work for you then I suspect you didn t do exactly what I described Disable Windows Installer Reboot Go back into Windows Services and set Windows Installer to automatic from disabled Run your installation If you have deleted keys from the registry then you may have done all kinds

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