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  • A Look at NATO’s Trident Juncture 2015: Shaping Way Ahead for NATO’s Force Capabilities | SLDInfo
    well as of the Visegrad European Battle Group 2 is to be completed during this period For General Mercier the connection and the coordination which took place between Canada and the European countries participating in the exercise worked even better than expected and is something we can build on for the future Third TJ15 has to be considered as a laboratory for NATO s new ideas and new concepts says SACT For the very first time industries will be involved in the course of the exercise as observers in order to better comprehend the battlefield requirements expressed by the armed forces As many as 35 firms will be monitoring the exercise and such participation will be addressed at the previously mentioned Industry Forum The Challenges One of the key challenges for NATO exercise schedulers based in Norfolk Virginia is to integrate real world events into the flow of exercises and inject lessons learned as they come along NATO s process actually allows that pretty easily not only in terms of process but also because the planning structures in this case the Joint Warfare Center based in Stavenger Norway are well rounded while the baseline generic scenario called SOROTAN is flexible enough notes General Mercier We shall assess if we need new scenarios in the aftermath of the exercise but as you know it takes time and money to create new scenarios he says Compared to 2002 the scope of warfare types to integrate and the new kinds of threats and elements of surprise to insert and inject in scenarios have increased exponentially A crisis response scenario not Article V TJ15 will therefore mix the old and the new conventional and non conventional threats i e hybrid warfare high intensity warfare with armored vehicles BMD threat cyber threat access denial to SLOC Sea Lanes of Communication etc The location of the exercise is the Southern Flank Spain Italy and Portugal with a 360 degree aperture to the threat said General Mercier The next LIVEX will take place in 2018 in the North How do we build a deterrence posture strong enough to face all current threats State and non State and anticipate emerging ones is therefore the second key challenge identified by SACT 81602 random 1 0 5 0 One of the answers comes along with the CFI as having some 36 000 personnel 4 brigade size units 140 aircrafts and 60 ships from 30 different countries able to operate together and communicate together is already a success in itself TJ15 will test that ability inherited from the Afghan years with ACCS enabling all coalition national communication system to work together The lessons from Afghanistan gave birth to what we refer to as the Federated Mission Network which aims at allowing us to enhance our interoperability today between national and NATO systems stressed the Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation The mere existence of a Trident Juncture 2015 and the increasing number of national military exercises involved are a deterrent on their

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