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  • Welcome to A Year & A Day, part 5: Wiccan Adventure, Review, & What's Coming Up
    are ready to move on give an expression of gratitude Wiccans often say Blesséd Be and respectfully snuff or blow out the candle It is done Repeat this each day this week The Inner Adventure Make notes about this experience how you felt before this little ritual then during the ritual and finally how you felt afterward Since you probably don t have a Book of Mirrors or Book of Shadows at this point you can write this in an ordinary journal or simply on whatever paper you have at hand The intention is to keep these notes and transfer them to your Book of Mirrors when you get it At the end of the week look back over your reflections and compare how you felt when you first began this practice and how you feel after doing it for a week Make notes on the overall experience and how it has affected you Seeking Your Book of Shadows Book of Mirrors if desired You will need a Book of Shadows for this course This is a blank book that you buy or create in which you will write what you learn about Wicca You don t need to have it right away Next week you ll receive a lesson that tells you all about the Wiccan Book of Shadows and will help you know what to look for where to find one and how to bless it before you use it You will need one though by the time you begin the Dedication lesson This week begin thinking about what you might like to write your Wiccan knowledge in and looking around for what might make a good Book of Shadows for you You can also meditate on this choice and ask the Divine for help with finding a good Book of Shadows for you You may wish to read the lesson on the Book of Shadows in advance It s online as a sample lesson for this course so you can find it here Book of Shadows Book of Mirrors A Wiccan Initiate Needs To Know What does Blessed Be mean And how is it pronounced To what degree must you follow the rules as they are laid out in this course How will you know when it s okay to bend or even break the rules Is this course suitable for Solitary Wiccans or Covens groups What is your most important tool as a Wiccan and how do you get it What is this course really about Why do beginning Wiccans study for a year and a day Why does this course begin officially on Feb 2nd List 3 reasons it s best to start out as a Solitary Complete the following proverb The teacher opens the door What s the difference between the capitalised word Fire and the lowercase word fire Why is music and song so important in Wicca What does music song do when you use it in ritual Can you get what you

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